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Inspired by traditional family doctors as a boy, Dr. Toth’s personality and practice style harken back to more congenial times. At age 61 he still conducts house calls when needed, and prides himself in staying up to date with the most relevant medical literature. He is very much a conventional doctor but is also convinced by numerous successes that the integration of other methods and ideas is the best approach to solving complicated medical problems.

Dr. John R. Toth is board-certified in Family Medicine as well as Hyperbaric Medicine in Concord, California. Largely a consultative practice, his focus and primary concern is understanding the true cause of a condition, as he discourages simply treating a symptom. Once he’s identified the source of your illness, he offers the most comprehensive and long-term treatment plan possible.

Known for his compassionate and friendly approach, Dr. Toth is committed to treating family members when needed and makes a point of establishing long-lasting relationships. He recognizes and respects each patient’s individual concerns and needs and is equally content to be your primary or secondary consultant or just a confidant. The foundation of his care is his interest and training in listening and partnering with his patients to help them get healthy and stay well.

Dr. Toth never rejects a patient because of financial reasons, and he always strives to offer care when possible, even if it requires house calls.

As the former president of the California Society of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians, Dr. Toth offers alternative treatments that have often proven more effective than traditional approaches.

His practice also extends a special interest in Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lyme Disease, STD screenings and prevention, Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, Homeopathic Allergy Treatments, Stroke Neuroplastic Rehabilitation, Men’s Health, Autism, PANDAS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Food Sensitivities, Electrical Sensitivities, Toxic Mold Exposure, Mast Cell Activation, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, and Redirected Self Hypnosis (also referred to as Redirected Neuroplastic Self Hypnosis).

Dr. Toth is a senior airman medical examiner as designated by the Federal Aviation Administration. He is authorized to evaluate pilots for first, second, or third class medical certification as well as evaluation for basic medical examination. He has specialized authorization to evaluate air traffic control personnel around the Bay Area.

Dr. Toth has also served as president of the Bay Area Osteopathic Medical Association and has twice been elected to the Mt. Diablo Health Care District’s board.

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