Allergies affect over 50 million Americans every year. Dr. John R. Toth helps men and women living in or around Concord, California manage their allergies through comprehensive treatment and continued care. Dr. Toth identifies what you’re allergic to, should you not already know. Call or book an appointment online for professional allergy treatment.

Allergy Treatment Q & A

How does Dr. Toth diagnose and treat allergies?

Dr.Toth has expertise in diagnosing and treating allergies from completing courses with the American Association of Environmental Medicine (AAEM). The association offers instruction in the methodology called SET, which stands for Serial-dilution End-point Titration.

The SET method uses homeopathic-like preparations administered in 1:5 serial dilutions ranging from more concentrated to least concentrated dilutions. Initial intradermal skin testing determines the presence or absence of allergy, and if positive, subsequent weaker dilutions are needed to find the neutralizing dose. The neutralizing dose is the final dose reached when the intradermal skin test no longer produces a positive wheel.

The neutralizing dose is the treatment dose which is equivalent to two drops given sublingually twice or more per day as needed to alleviate symptoms. The typical treatment course for complete desensitization is 3 to 6 months and at times 12 months.

Dr.Toth does not use the skin prick method as it is more dangerous and less accurate than the SET method administered by Dr. Toth.

Should your symptoms be severe — if you have an anaphylactic reaction, for example — Dr. Toth can give you an epinephrine shot.

If you’re suffering from allergies, contact Dr. Toth today via phone or online.

What are the different types of allergies?

Though allergies come in many shapes and sizes, Dr. Toth can help you deal with allergies to any of the following:

  • Foods
  • Dust
  • Pets
  • Mold
  • Insects
  • Drugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Chemicals

Allergies can affect many parts of your body, including your skin, eyes, lungs or sinuses.

These are the most common symptoms. Dr. Toth can give you more information about less common, more specific allergies.